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Vision and Mission

United We Stand


MISSION: Nascent is dedicated to promoting self-reliance by harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial drive of women and youth in rural Africa to solve problems, build resilient local economies, and improve the quality of life for their families and communities.

Core Values:

  • Respect for beneficiary opinion and participation.
  • Cultivating Real Partnerships, that have the beneficiary at heart.
  • Promoting inclusive and participatory decision-making

Organizational Capacity

Nascent Solutions (aka Nascent) is a Virginia based, woman-led humanitarian and development organization dedicated to building the capacity of less privileged people in rural Africa to create a self-reliant and poverty-free Africa.  Nascent currently has a presence and operations in Cameroon, Liberia, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia and recently registered in Cote d’ Ivoire.  In the past 15 years, Nascent has raised and managed over $100 million in cash and kind resources and implemented programs that have benefited over 10 million people in its target countries.

Theory of Change

Nascent Solutions believes that a holistic and integrated approach enhances opportunities to explore and test multiple perspectives, particularly those that leverage local knowledge and experience.

Technical Expertise

Leadership and Managerial Skills: Nascent has built a jealously maintained reputation for integrity as well as a strong belief in its mission and the values that guide its thinking.  This conviction has strengthened the organization’s ability to persuade others to join in its efforts to bring lasting relief to marginalized communities in rural Africa. Nascent views effective communication, not only as a process of informing others, but the ability to seek out crucial information and build consensus.  The organization’s leadership believes that trust and respect engender a positive team spirit and fosters the emergence of real partners.  Its flexibility and adaptability enable it to incorporate multiple perspectives into its programming.

Partnership and Stakeholder Management:  The complex natures of development challenges, require multi-dimensional strategies and approaches.  Nascent recognizes that for interventions introduced through programs such as the McGovern-Dole Program to have lasting impacts, the target communities and governments need strong accountability systems in place. Through its participatory design process, Nascent identifies the technical and social skills of staff and aligns them with the needs for target communities, ensuring effective communication and flow of information that optimizes personnel output.  Proper budgeting ensures effective and efficient handling of the organization’s financial resources, commodities and the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies.


Leadership Team

Our leadership team has broad experience in Internationational Development, diverse backgrounds and a commitment to making positive sustainable change for the world's most marginalized

Dr. Beatrice Wamey

President and CEO

Eugene Da

Director of Education

Patrick Gallagher

Director, Monitoring and Evaluation

Foundational Principles

The foundational principles and values of the organization include: Stretching donor dollars, hiring and training qualified local staff to leverage their knowledge to build ownership, recruiting female professionals to better address the needs of women and children, and integrating processes of accountability and transparency, to ensure efficient utilization of project resources.