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School Garden Harvest

Nascent Solutions’ programs seek to empower communities and help them acquire autonomy, through education and sustainability initiatives. The recent School Garden Harvest at IPS Njombo in Bui Division, Cameroon, is an affirmation of our bottom up approach to development. Parents and local community members gladly volunteer to to work and tend

the gardens as part of the USDA and Nascent Solutions’ MGD FFE/ALIGN project.  The program which seeks to provide hot meals and clean water to 52,000 rural school children in Bui Division has been embraced by local communities and parents who on their own are often unable to adequately feed their children.

Crops For the Children

This recent harvest is testament to the success of our advocacy for child education( particularly girls) and for community and parent involvement in the scholastic life of their children. Through the last decade of Nascent Solutions’ working in the region, we have remarked a pendulum swing in many community members from apathy or cynicism towards the education of their children to enthusiasm. The most rewarding part of this buy-in being that in communities like Njombo, parents and residents readily volunteer, to tend the garden, cook meals in school for pupils and, take time away from their own routines, to harvest the crop for the children.