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Children in Rural Schools Adopt the E-reader

Access to quality educational and literary materials is still a huge challenge in rural areas in Cameroon, where parents often have to choose between feeding the child and buying them a book.  With support from the USDA, Nascent has acquired and shipped books for the over 20,000 school age children in the 92 schools benefiting from the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition program. However, the need is still enormous, given that almost every parent in every school in our target areas needs help.

Books remain a scarce commodity in most household as most parents struggle to buy just the basic school textbooks.

In its search for sustainable solutions, Nascent is leveraging mobile technologies to pilot an e-reader option with 3rd grade students in ten program schools. The solar-powered e-readers each contain one hundred grade appropriate titles, assigned to about 3 children per e-reader in classes of 20-30 students.

The Teachers

The teachers who have been trained to use the e-readers to teach literacy are as fascinated with the device as are the students, who carry a smile on their faces as they manipulate the tools and engage in interactive exercises such as the drag-and-drop or filling in the blanks, which they were very reluctant to perform with pencil and paper. The children actually seem to master the intricacies of the technology faster than their teachers and their reading skills are growing much more quickly.

Amazing Results

After witnessing the amazing results of the E-Reader, we would love to put the E-Reader in the hands of even more children across the country.  If you share this dream, you can help make it real by sending us your donation.