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Refugees Learn to Read and Write

With civil conflict raging in the Central African Republic, many displaced citizens have crossed over the border into neighboring communities in Cameroon. While Cameroonian charity extended warmly to these war

immigrants, there have been many difficulties adapting. The most significant problems were the myriad issues that challenge uprooted and displaced people; lack of housing, lack of food, lack of stable modes of subsistence and survival.

To address these needs, Nascent Solutions partnered with UNHCR and the World Food Program in Cameroon to give these refugees relief. While local communities helped house them and provided them some lands for agriculture, NSI and WFP partnered to give them food relief, agricultural implements and critically, education and literacy resources to allow them both some diversion in exile and give them the necessary tools for a meaningful future, regardless of whether they are able to return home, or settle in Cameroon.

Surpassing expectations, enrollment in our literacy classes proved high. Within a few months more than half the students were confident in reading and writing. They further reported a greater sense of belonging in their new communities and confidence in expanding their horizons into small business enterprises