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Powerful Partnerships Are at The Heart of Our Mission

Partnerships transform our work and create change that lasts for years to come. Nascent Solutions invests countless hours and energy into building the capacity of local communities by engaging a network of various partners. Our integrated method and holistic approach rests on the credence that coalitions should be equally advantageous with a concentration on community needs to inspire innovation, trust and ownership. Collectively, through these relationships, we deliver sustainability and balanced solutions, reaching more beneficiaries and magnifying our impact.

For almost two decades, Nascent Solutions has forged strong relationships with a wide range of companies. Together, we advance local solutions, strengthen policies and systems, conduct rigorous study and promote best practices, lessons learned and thought leadership. Nascent promotes self-reliance; harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial drive of rural women and youth, to problem solve, build resilient local economies, and improve the quality of life for their families and communities. We work with all levels of government and multilaterals; corporations, foundations and small businesses; academic institutions; nongovernmental organizations; and civil societies organizations, faith-based groups and local communities.


Our work is driven by community buy-in, key stakeholder engagement, and a continuous feedback loop that informs our processes, no matter the sector, country, or population we are serving. It is from this premise that we seek hidden talent among women and youth who are the true engines of rural Africa’s innovation and growth. Our workforce at the headquarters and field level is both representative of and knowledgeable about the African communities that we serve; a key strength and competitive advantage which sets us apart.

With support from the United States Government and both private and public organizations, Nascent, has gained the reputation of being a small but mighty, results-driven nonprofit whose success in tackling rural poverty, has been well received in various countries like Cameroon, Uganda, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and most recently Malawi. Our laser-focus is on building a self-reliant Africa in conjunction with agendas of national and international development agendas.