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Nascent/MGD Field Workers Welcome U.S. Embassy Delegation

Nascent/MGD field workers celebrated and welcomed a delegation from the US embassy in Cameroon in mid October at the CBC Romkong Primary School in impoverished Bui Division. This meeting provided an occasion for Nascent/MGD field workers to extend personal thanks to the US government  and the USDA for their support in jump-starting a culture of literacy and sustainability in the region with the McGovern-Dole Food For Education initiative which Nascent Solutions is implementing in the region, as part of its ALIGN( Advancing Literacy with Good Nutrition) program.

The delegation from the US embassy, led by the Deputy for Political and Economic Affairs Dr. Derrin R. Smith, accompanied by Mrs Mihaela Biliovschi Smith (Executive Assistant – Media) and Ms Camille “Jo” Dickison (Political and Economic Affairs – OMS), was joyously received by local chiefs, parents and community members, who are increasingly buying-into the model of development which emphasizes empowering the young with robust education and balanced nutrition.


The US embassy delegation chaperoned by Nascent /MGD workers, toured handwashing stations constructed as part of the MGD/ALIGN project to stem the diarrheal diseases that afflict children in the region due to poor or absent sanitation practices and a lack of access to clean water.

The Embassy delegation also visited the school garden which is tended by members of the community and parents to supplement pupil nutrition. They were further shown an example of the improved, new normal, classroom lunch that these otherwise hungry, destitute, school skipping children now have as part of their formation and education.

At the Nascent Office in Kumbo the eminent guests were treated to a presentation of the many facets of the MGD/ALIGN program currently in implementation throughout the region, with classroom and  school infrastructure under construction, teacher training underway, hand-washing stations and sanitary bathroom being built, clean water wells being dug and a coordinated effort with local and national institutions to update and streamline the primary school curriculum to give the rural children of the region a fighting chance at success in a changing and challenging global environment.

The visit ended with Nascent staff and the representatives of the US government re-affirming their desire for continued collaboration in the endeavor to lift the marginalized people of the region out of poverty and destitution by providing them the tools to attain self-reliance, resilience and independence.