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Nascent Joins International Community in Drought Hit Region

The Office of the prime minister of Uganda has issued a food assistance request to Nascent Solutions in light of the extensive drought and food shortage in the east of the country, specifically Namutumba. International scientists and the UN World food program both agree that the current widespread drought conditions are in part the result of global climate change; the effects of which have been particularly harsh all across semi-arid Eastern Africa. Nascent Solutions currently has a presence in Uganda and is mobilizing its in-country assets to respond expeditiously to the plight of the people of Namutumba.

Partnering with TEWIDI, a local NGO that serves mainly women and children, Nascent has brought together local businesses, churches and community leaders to coordinate, transportation, warehousing and staging of supplies. Widow and orphan headed households have been identified and food aid is quickly being distributed.