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Mobile Reading Pilot In Cameroon

Students in the North-West Region of Cameroon queued up with their parents throughout Bui Division to receive books from Nascent/McGovern Dole Mobile Libraries in late March. The students who otherwise would be benefiting from the USDA sponsored McGovern/Dole (MGD) program in their classrooms, have had to adapt to socio-political turmoil that has shuttered their schools.

With the help of local Nascent/MGD teams that are committed to not leaving them behind, they have continued to have access to literacy and study materials. Starting on March 25th, Nascent/MGD staff throughout the region established mobile libraries with literacy house-call follow-ups, working with parents to ensure that pupils in the affected areas continue to learn and acquire the essentials to be competitive in a changing world.

Towards Literate Communities

These endeavors are consistent with our commitment to work towards   literate, sustainable and independent communities. Of particular note was the high participation of girls in this program, with the assistance of their parents, as social barriers to the education of women continue to be broken down, despite political uncertainty.