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Men support Maternal and Child Care in E. Uganda

With the support from the 2013 -2014 USAID International Food Relief Partnership grant, Nascent Solutions encourages men to assume equal responsibility in feeding and caring for the children, family and the sick. With the District Health Services, the Safe Motherhood

Program (TSMP) and the Teso Widow’s Development Initiative (TEWIDI) Nascent trained 60 Volunteer Village Health Trainees (VHTs) in six sub-counties to raise awareness and build the capacity of the communities to address the root causes of poor maternal and child health.

Nascent and partners provided food assistance to 3900 severely food insecure households (total of 27,300 vulnerable persons). The project also reached 5,769 men and women with messages on good nutrition and sanitation practices, reproductive health and family planning practices and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.