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Born From Experience, Inspired by Kindness

Dr. Wamey, founder and current president of Nascent Solutions ran the organization from her home in Fairfax Station, VA, from November 2004 till April 2008 when the organization moved to its current location at 85 South Bragg Street in Alexandria.


Haunted by the images of malnourished children, street children rumaging for food in the dumpsters in Yaoundé or Douala, 70-80 children crowding in a 45 capacity classroom, Beatrice signed up for classes at the Northern Virginia Women’s small business center. After the first few hours, she drafted a mission statement which would become Nascent Solutions.


In March 2007, Nascent Solutions was registered as a Public Volunteer Organization (PVO) with the United States Agency for International Development. Nascent is currently registered with field offices in Cameroon, Uganda and Zambia. Nascent Solutions has received seven grant awards from the US Government and donations from foundations and individuals. In the last eight years, Nascent has implemented programs in food security and agriculture, health and nutrition, education and skills development and gender equality which have impacted the lives of over 10,000,000 beneficiaries.

In 2020 Dr. Wamey completed several professional development courses in leadership and management to bolster her efficacy in shepharding the growing organization: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership | Managing Yourself and Leading Others

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A New Paradigm For Sustainable African Development:

Women and Children First + Intersectional Partnerships

Our work is driven by community buy-in, key stakeholder engagement, and a continuous feedback loop that informs our processes, no matter the sector, country, or population we are serving.

It is from this premise that we seek hidden talent among women and youth who are the true engines of rural Africa’s innovation and growth. Our workforce at the headquarters and field level is both representative of and knowledgeable about the African

communities that we serve; a key strength that sets us apart. With support from the United States Government and both private and public well-wishers, Nascent, has gained the reputation of being a small, results-driven organization whose success

in tackling rural poverty has been well received in countries like Cameroon, Uganda, and Zambia. We work to bring ‘rural’ to the center of national and international development agendas.

Creating a self-reliant and poverty-free Africa