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Cameroon Government Recognizes Nascent

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon on August 14, 2020 formerly recognized the United States non-profit Nascent Solutions as a development partner by signing an Establishment Agreement with the organization in Cameroon’s Ministry of External Affairs.


Presenting the organization to the audience of senior members of government and the diplomatic corps, Nascent Solutions Country Director Dr. Henry Njakoi said Nascent focuses on harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial drive of communities to solve problems, build resilient local economies, and improve the quality of life for their families and communities. Nascent’s strategic areas of intervention include food security and nutrition; education and literacy; health and sanitation, gender equity, good governance, and humanitarian assistance.

He said that in the past 15 years, Nascent has developed a dynamic partnership with the US government through its agencies, particularly the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department of Defense.  With funding from these agencies and other charities, Nascent has successfully implemented development and humanitarian programs worth over $100 million benefiting over 10 million less privileged people in its target countries.


Many in the audience were astonished when Dr. Njakoi said: “And it is with great pride that I announce to you that Nascent Solutions was founded by  Dr. Beatrice Wamey, a Cameroonian immigrant to the United States, whose heart is with the nation of her birth and who remains committed to the well-being of her fellow Cameroonians, especially her children.”

The Establishment Agreement was signed by External Relations Lejeune Mbella Mbella for the Government of Cameroon, and Nascent Solutions Country Director, Dr. Henry Njakoi. It was witnessed by Basic Education, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, the principal line minister for implementation of the USDA-funded McGovern-Dole Food for Education and Child Nutrition (MGD FFE) Program. In attendance were Finance Minister Louis Paul Motaze, Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Gabriel Mbairobe, and Minister of Social Affairs, Pauline Irene Nguene.


The Government of the United States, the principal funder of Nascent Solutions’ activities in Africa, was represented by Vernelle Fitzpatrick, Charge d’Affaires at US Embassy in Yaoundé. Representatives of some UN agencies and leaders of other International Development Organizations in Cameroon also took part in the ceremony.


The External Relations Minister declared that the  decision by the Government of Cameroon to grant the Host Country Agreement was the outcome of Nascent’s many years of hard work, dedication and investment. He noted that Nascent’s USDA funded MGD FFE, and other programs in Cameroon have contributed to build resilient communities, by supporting women and youths in the area of education, food and nutrition, health and hygiene as well as improving the quality of life through gender equality, good governance and sustainable agriculture and food security in Cameroon

The minister further noted that Nascent’s Programs and activities, notably in the North West, East, Adamawa and North Regions of the Country have contributed enormously in improving the literacy rate among school-age children in these regions, modernization of school infrastructure, and the adoption of good health and WASH practices in schools and in the communities served by the targets schools.


Lauding with gratitude, the generosity of the people and government of the United States for funding these programs, the External Relations Minister noted that these programs and their corresponding investments in the Cameroon’s economy have not only cemented the diplomatic bond between the two Governments, but have also significantly contributed to the realization of the objectives set out in Cameroon’s 2008 Growth and Employment Strategy objectives.


Speaking from Nascent Solutions headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia in the United States, the President and CEO of the organization, Dr. Beatrice Wamey described the event as government’s recognition of Nascent’s efforts to bring succor to the underserved populations in Cameroon’s impoverished rural communities.


“This a validation of our persistence to serve and bring hope to the rural communities, especially to the children, women, and youth, even in the conflict afflicted zones,” she said.

The Founder’s Faith in Education led to Nascent Solutions

Nascent Solutions has so far provided in-school meals to more than 500,000 primary school children, their teachers and family members in about 100 schools in 50 villages in the North West Region and is currently embarked on similar projects in the Adamawa, East and North Regions of the country. It has trained teachers in literacy education, parents in gardening and built or refurbished dilapidated classrooms in those schools. Since 2008, the organization has brought in more than $50 million (about 26 billion francs CFA) worth of funding into the country.