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Snapshots of Our Work

School Gardens

Sponsored by the USDA the McGovern-Dole Food For Education and Child Nutrition programs in Cameroon and Malawi, implemented by Nascent, have established over 100 school gardens and is on track to secure land and PTA volunteer labor for another 150-200 school gardens in Cameroon and Malawi, reaching in total more than 450,000 under-served schoolchildren.

School Meals

Sponsored by the USDA the McGovern-Dole Food For Education and Child Nutrition programs in Cameroon and Malawi, implemented by Nascent have so far provided more than 10 million school meals to pupils and school-aged children and will have reached more than 450,000 children by the latest iterations of both programs are handed over to local and national institutions in 2023-2024.

School Garden Notes

Over 115 Active Gardens

Supplement School Meals

40% Generate Excess Yields

Sales Boost School Supplies

Sustainably Farmed

Climate Smart Agriculture

School Meal Notes

10 million meals

2 Countries

450,000 children

115+ schools

Balanced Diets

Nutrition Training


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Supported by USAID, WEAVE (Women Empowered-to-Fight Aids and Violence Everywhere) mobilized more than 8000 women, particularly those impacted by HIV, in three constituencies in Mpika District and organized them into 412 groups. In less than three years, these rural women, who were solely dependent on their husbands for support, collectively raised nearly 156 million Zambian kwacha or the equivalent of $31,000. The groups have since quintupled their savings, grown their numbers and continue to accrue and generate income from small business loans given to members who have developed entrepreneurial agency thanks to the program.

Water and Sanitation

As part of The USDA the McGovern-Dole Food For Education and Child Nutrition programs in Cameroon and Malawi, Nascent has constructed more than 42+ boreholes, standpipes, and handwashing stations located on primary school grounds, to serve schools and communities. Available potable water drastically reduces incidences of sanitation modulated diseases, such as dysentery. Readily available clean drinking water -which eliminates drinking from polluted open streams- paired with training on handwashing, and the proximity of handwashing stations and Nascent built sanitary toilets is putting in place a model for long term health and wellbeing in schoolchildren and their broader under-served communities.

Sanitation Notes

42+ boreholes

Clean Water

42+ Handwashing Stations

Quick Adoption

40+ Sprinkler Systems

Healthy Gardens

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









Ending Gender Based Violence

Ending Gender Based Violence is a critical component of Nascent’s broader mission. All our programming involve initiatives to sensitize communities about the prevalence, cruelty and injustices of gender based violence.  Our 2019 initiative to support young mothers and girl victims of sexual abuse in Cameroon in 2019 raised over 15,000$ to supply our beneficiaries with diapers, baby food and cash outlays for their needs during the nursing period.

Food Aid/Humanitarian Assistance

Supported by our global partners, particularly the USAID and USDA, Nascent Solutions has responded to humanitarian crises, drought, poverty driven food deficiency, and crises driven food deficiency in Uganda, Zambia, Cameroon, Liberia and Malawi.

Good Governance/Civil Society

Nascent’s civil society initiatives engage citizens and institutions at the regional level( e.g. PTAs and head teachers) and across national agencies of Education, Health, Agriculture, Water and Energy, and Municipal Councils, to  develop and deploy transparency and accountability protocols.