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E-reader Pilot Initiative A Success.

Africa’s rural children are being increasing left behind in a rapidly industrializing world. Most young scholars and their teachers are cutoff from the learning and teaching opportunities offered by internet apps and networking tools. The result is a widening gap in literacy, general aptitude and ultimately opportunity. To break this bleak trend Nascent Solutions recently pioneered e-reader training, as part of its implementation of the USDA funded MGD Food For Education program in Cameroon. Mary Wong, the Nascent field coordinator in Bui Division,

reported that this first ever e-reader training exercise in Primary School Roberta was a success. “All the 4 head teachers and 4 class 2 teachers of the pilot schools were present and participated fully. In fact I have never seen a more motivated and engaged group of learners. It was with keen interest and zeal that together we went through the training manual, discovering the marvels of technology in teaching. They cannot wait to begin the training with their pupils, and are very positive in their expectations.”

Modern Learning Tools

This segment of the greater Food For Education Program’s implementation seeks to directly expand and invite teachers and students from Africa’s marginalized and forgotten corners into the robust teaching and learning opportunities afforded by modern learning tools, such as the e-reader.