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Drop Everything And Read

In our target communities students on average read at three tenths of the international literacy standard. This poor start predicts crippling competitive prospects for young scholars in today’s information age. NSI’s Education program in North West Cameroon has been consulting with local education officials from state, community and religious institutions as well as the heads of teacher training colleges on strategies to improve the literacy curriculum and teacher training methods.

At NSI we believe this co-operative united approach holds the most promise for transforming poor rural children into literate global citizens with active roles in shaping their destinies in an increasingly competitive world. An NSI representative recently served as a judge on the invitation of Knowledge for Children during celebrations for D.E.A.R, where the activities of the day included the international celebration of reading for pleasure, dubbed “Drop Everything And Read.”

During this event every participant had to read a random passage for a period of at least twenty minutes. A reading comprehension finals further pitched primary school participants from across the country against each other in fun competitive context. Events such as this one, celebrations of literacy events, focus groups with parents and teachers, and radio broadcasts highlighting the importance of a literate society are helping dispel education taboos and opening doors to fuller community investment in child literacy.